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Neveah's founder, Lizbeth


My name is Lizbeth and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I believe that as Godly men and women we carry a huge role to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth. The way God made us is very unique and with a significant purpose. I believe that great visions come from dwelling in the presence of God. That’s where I received the vision for Neveah Collective.

One day I was sitting in my living room in prayer, and I felt this spark of passion to see creatives loving, celebrating, praying for, and championing one another to be active in faith as they live their God-given dreams from a place of love and to bring hope to this world. Gatherings of creatives embracing who God made them be, and free from jealousy, envy, comparison, gossip, and competition. I saw men and women of conviction focused on Jesus Christ and so consumed by His love that nothing else but pure love and celebration exists in them and around them. They were ready to help, collaborate, and partner with others.

That day by faith I pulled out my phone and recorded a prayer as I felt the Holy Spirit lead me. God spoke a name to me, then I began taking steps in faith to begin this brand. God has consistently been adding and refining this vision more, and He is making that dream to see creatives follow Him a reality. It brings me to tears to see God’s goodness, and I love seeing Him invite us to partner with Him to do things that are bigger than ourselves. This has led me to dream for the impossible with God. I feel honored that God would invite me to co-create with Him a space for creatives to grow in their intimacy with Him, learn the power of prayer, embrace who God created them to be, stay firm in their God-given convictions, to give generously, and help other men and women activate their dreams for God’s glory.

I've seen firsthand the grace, mercy, freedom, and love of God in the most extravagant ways. He has given me a beautiful exchange of redemption in the place of pain. In moments of my life I've been in hard circumstances and outside voices were shouting that I was unqualified, not good enough, that dreams were not possible. In the past I was facing fear, anxiety, insecurity, and discouragement, but that's when God met me with His faithfulness. Anytime I step out in faith and obedience to the Holy Spirit, God met me there. Over and over again, I hear Him whisper, “He who has called you is for you, with you, and has equipped you, and I love you.”


My secret is this: God's love and voice is what activates my faith and dreams, and it gives me the courage to say yes. Because of this, one of my biggest dreams is for people all over the world to know God in a personal way, experience His radical love and faithfulness, and to believe their dreams are possible with Him at the center of their life.

Starting Neveah Collective is one of the ways I am activating my God-given dreams. It’s my hope that Heaven would be of encouragement to your life, bring much delight, provide a space for you to grow into who God has created you to be, and create a place for you to activate your dreams. I am cheering you on already. Let's activate those dreams together!

Much love and a huge hug coming your way,

Lizbeth Espinoza

I feel God is calling creatives to love, celebrate, pray for, and champion one another to be active in faith as they live their God-given dreams and bring hope to this world.

Two men praying over our founder, Lizbeth.
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